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Anger management treatment & counselling

People seeking treatment, help & therapy for anger management issues are often those who experience physical expressions of anger beyond the usual frustrations and irritability that can be felt, at times, by all of us.

Responding to these feelings of anger can sometimes lead to aggressive and violent behaviour, also known as anger issues. Many people seeking anger management treatment are facing a form of life crisis, which has been caused by the impact of their angry outbursts, either at home or in wider society.

If you are having trouble with controlling your anger and you believe it may be harming other people physically or emotionally, then Aarambh Treatment Centre can offer specialist support & therapy with a coordinated personal treatment programme to help you manage the physical and emotional symptoms of your anger problems.

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When you feel the anger emotion, something needs examination.

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Anger is an emotion with physiological effects.

What is an anger management problem?

While we all experience feelings of anger or frustration from time-to-time as a natural human response to situations such as extreme disagreement of another person’s opinion, a personal attack on our character, or feelings of being deceived or treated unfairly, anger becomes a problem which may require treatment & support if it harms you or other people around you.

Detrimental problems associated with anger needn’t only relate to physical acts of aggression, as inward negative thoughts of anger and non-violent or passive aggressive acts associated with anger can affect your overall physical and mental health. Your relationships at home and at work can be affected by both verbal and physical expressions of anger, with how you generally behave when you are angry dependent on your ability to observe and ultimately control increased feelings of anger and frustration when they arise.

Treatment for Anger Management

Feelings of anger can be related to many different underlying difficulties. For this reason, your case requires careful evaluation and assessment. Underlying mental health difficulties need to be identified and treated, whilst interpersonal difficulties may need to be addressed, and alcohol or substance misuse will need to be tackled.

Additional Information

How anger can affect your mental health

If you have anger issues, you may also experience symptoms of other mental health conditions, or feel as though existing health conditions are getting worse.

Struggling with feelings of anger can cause you to feel stressed about the triggering situation, particularly if it doesn’t resolve in the short-term. You may also experience feelings of guilt or regret after an outward display of aggression has affected other people, which can negatively affect your self-esteem when you are struggling to come to terms with how and why you felt and behaved in this way.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

CBT is a talking therapy which identifies links between your thoughts, mood and behaviour. The unhelpful thought patterns associated with anger leading to negative actions and emotions are worked through to help you become more aware of these thought patterns and how you can adjust them towards a significant improvement in overall mood.