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Opioid / Opioids Addiction

Opioids are a powerful class of drug that have mood-enhancing and painkilling effects. Physicians sometimes prescribe opioid medications, such as Vicodin, to treat chronic or severe pain. Illicit opioids, such as heroin, are many times more powerful and dangerous than prescription opioids drugs. Both prescription and illegal opioids carry a risk of abuse, as they are highly addictive substances. Although an opioid addiction can have drastic and devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities, there is help available for those who wish to break the cycle of addiction.

At Aarambh Sewa Sansthan, we understand how pervasive and powerful opioid use can be. As such, we have developed comprehensive, individualized programming that makes us a great place for a new beginning.

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According to a government report, India had 2.3 crore opioid users, in 2018, a five-fold jump in 14 years.

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How To Help A Loved One Enter Inpatient Rehab for Marijuana Abuse


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Aarambh has helped hundreds of people seeking opioid addiction treatment.

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Watching a loved one struggle with opioid abuse can be unbearable, and it may seem like there is little you can do to help. While it is true that you cannot break your loved one’s addiction to opioids, there are steps you can take to help, including:

Do research. Know the different types of opioids and investigate your loved one’s drug(s) of choice. Learn about the signs of opioid intoxication and overdose so you can be more prepared in case of a crisis.

Be open with your loved one. Tell him or her that you know about his or her struggle with opioids. Have an honest conversation and listen to your loved one’s story. Try your best to be nonjudgmental and receptive despite the fact that you are undoubtedly feeling a host of different emotions.

Help your loved one with logistics. Offer to schedule appointments with treatment centers and offer to accompany your loved one to the appointments. Arrange for transportation, child care, or other needs if your loved one decides to begin treatment.

Take care of yourself. Make time for yourself and give yourself permission to step away from taking care of your loved one from time to time. Understand that many different feelings, from sadness to anger to betrayal to frustration, are normal.

Most importantly, try your best to support your loved one. Close relationships are a powerful buffer against stress, so your relationship is actually a critical part of your loved one’s recovery process. To whatever extent you are able, engage with and care for your loved one.

Treatment and Therapy Options for Opioid Abuse

Aarambh Sewa Sansthan is a recognized substance abuse, compulsive gambling, and mental health treatment center that offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for adults. Our inpatient program is located on 4 acres of semi-rural land, providing a peaceful retreat for healing. Our residential treatment programs are separated by gender, allowing each of our patients a uniquely tailored treatment experience. Part of this experience also includes specialized tracks. Men and women can partake in our Gambling, Christian, Young Adult, Chronic Pain, Native American, Methamphetamine Corrections, or Opioids tracks. Depending on each patient’s needs, one or a combination of the aforementioned tracks can be incorporated into his or her customized treatment plan.

Perhaps the most important facet of our programming is our staff. We use a multidisciplinary approach, including physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, addictionologists, nurses, therapists, counselors, dietitians, technicians, pastors, and cultural advisors to surround patients with a caring, attentive staff. Depending on individual needs, we provide our patients with the following types of treatment:

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Why Consider Rehab?

Why Consider Rehab for Opioid Addiction
Opioid use is dangerous and potentially fatal. Prolonged abuse of opioids can result in changes in physical appearance, poor motor coordination, slowed reflexes, and gastrointestinal problems. Other effects include difficulty concentrating, learning, making decisions and poor judgment, along with sudden angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and wildly fluctuating mood. Withdrawal from one’s responsibilities can cause poor performance in school or at work and possible expulsion or job loss, financial instability, homelessness, relational strife, infection, and possibly even death from overdose. While the effects of opioid abuse are severe, help and hope are available with appropriate treatment.