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Individual Therapy in Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that you or your loved one could ever have to face is an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The good news is that once you have made the choice to seek help, there are many options to get you back on your feet.

Individual therapy is one of the most common and critical therapies that is often used every day as part of a successful treatment plan. Aarambh Rehab Centre, Bhilwara offers this therapy along with several others to help you get on the path toward a healthy and sober life.

Regardless of the type of program you look to for help with your drug or alcohol addiction, you will almost always find that individual therapy is a key component of the treatment plan. That is because it often viewed as a necessary cornerstone of a successful recovery. According to the American Psychological Association, an estimated 59 million Americans have received mental health treatment such as individual therapy in the past two years and approximately 80% of them found it to be effective.

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy refers to the many different therapeutic techniques that are conducted between only a therapist and an individual client. In this private setting, many patients find that they are able to make substantial progress with the help of their therapist for a wide range of issues including drug and alcohol addiction.

During individual counseling, clients work with a dedicated drug and alcohol counselor who guides them through the process of becoming sober and maintaining their sobriety. This can include working through underlying issues and identifying triggers for substance use. This process allows you to investigate the contributing factors that initially led to drug or alcohol use so that you may avoid them in the future.

How Does Individual Therapy Help in Treating Substance Use Problems?

After the therapist and patient have identified any underlying issues, they can begin to address each of them. Typically, you will set goals for your recovery with your counselor so that you can mark the progress made in dealing with any potentially painful memories. As you make progress in this area, you may begin to feel less and less of a desire to use alcohol or drugs.

As a part of recovery, therapists also encourage clients to honestly assess their positive traits. When this renewed perspective takes hold, a much more positive internal dialogue can emerge. Once you have begun to recognize your strengths it can become easier to dismiss negative thoughts because you know that they are not true.

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